3 Reasons Canada Custom Shutters Won’t Warp

Interior Shutters

If you are in the market for interior wood shutters, you may be concerned about warping. Over time, many different types of wood can warp, especially when they are exposed to extreme heat, direct sunlight, and even extremely cold temperatures.

When you purchase your interior wood shutters from Canada Custom Shutters, you can be assured that they will not warp and we have listed three key reasons why that is. Don’t assume that other wood shutters are not going to warp. Once you read these three reasons, you should understand why some are just better than others.

1. The quality hardwood used.

Quality wood shutters begin with choosing the best hardwood. There are several different types of hardwood that can be used, and some are just a better quality than others. Even when you’re talking about the same type of wood, such as oak, a different cut, different milling procedure, and even from a different region of the world will affect the quality of the hardwood.

Of course, oak has a tendency to be much heavier than other hardwoods and are not practical for most interior shutters (it was just used as a common example).

2. Proper milling technique.

As we just mentioned, the proper milling technique will make a significant difference with regard to the quality of the shutters in their final stage. If you cut corners and try to save money by choosing a cheap, less effective milling technique, it could lead to chipping and warping of the wood over time, especially if it is exposed to direct sunlight, heat from radiant heaters, or other issues.

3. A high quality finish system.

The finish of the wood will bring everything together. If the company relies on a cheap, inexpensive process to finish their wood shutters, then they might not last as long as shutters that are made with much better quality from start to finish.

Canada Custom Shutters relies on the highest quality hardwoods, the best milling techniques, and the highest quality finish for their interior wood shutters. This helps to ensure that they won’t chip or warp like other shutters can.

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