Advantages and Disadvantages for Louvered Closet Doors

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As with any design element in your home, there are pros and cons to installing louvered doors for your closets. Many people like using these doors for their design aesthetics – they have a classic and unique look. The first advantage when using louvered doors is design – instead of being solid, the doors use louvers like window shutters. This type of door looks lovely in any home and they never go out of style.

You can choose between half louvered and full louvered doors. Your choice will depend on your style. Many see half louvers as more elegant but full louvers offer a more architectural style design. Another advantage of louvered doors is ventilation. If you travel a lot or just keep your closet doors closed most of the time your closet can get stuffy. Shifting to louvered doors will keep air circulating, keeping any mustiness at bay.

Louvered doors also give the illusion of extra space in a room. If you have smaller spaces, adding these doors can bring a new openness to your home. They are also fairly inexpensive, even when you go with a custom design. This means you can be stylish without having to spend much.

They are versatile enough to fit a variety of door styles, everything from a bi-fold sliding door to an accordion style door. Louvered doors can be made from a wide range of woods include processed wood and repurposed wood. Apart from wood, manufacturers also use nylon, PVS and composite acrylic to make these doors. The doors resemble wood but they are cheap and they can be recycled easily.

The main disadvantage is maintenance. There are more ridges and hard to reach places on a louvered door than a flat panel door and this can make cleaning challenging. Certain bendable feather dusters make daily cleaning much easier but when it’s time for a deep clean be prepared to spend extra time.

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