Basic Maintenance Tips for Interior Shutters

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Once you have gorgeous interior wood shutters installed in your Toronto home, it’s important to realize you can’t just ignore them any longer. You might have gotten into the habit of only taking down curtains or other drapery and cleaning them once a year. Maybe you only wipe down the blinds every month or so, and maybe you only use a light feather duster to do it.

Keeping interior wood shutters in great condition requires regular maintenance and attention to detail. Below are some basic tips to keep in mind for those who have recently had interior shutters installed in their home.

1. Clean them on a weekly basis. Use a damp cloth, not one that is dripping with water, to wipe down each slat of the shutter individually. Not only will this help get any dust and other pollutants off the shutters, it can help moisturize them.

2. Moisturize the outside and inside portion of the shutters regularly. If you have a tendency to keep the shutters closed during the day to block out a significant portion of the sunlight, then that exterior portion of the shutter is going to be drying out much quicker than the interior portion. Make sure you keep these hydrated as much as possible. Again, using a damp cloth to wipe down the wood surface can do a lot to help keep it from cracking and becoming brittle.

3. Address any potential damage or problems with the components. If you notice that the slats are not closing properly, one appears to be off kilter, or the center bar is loose, repair it or have it repaired professionally as soon as possible. Even minor problems can become major ones relatively quickly when they aren’t addressed properly.

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