Before Replacing the Furniture in Your Living Room, Consider Plantation Shutters

Interior Shutters

If you are like a number of Toronto area homeowners and have been thinking about replacing the furniture in your living room because you’re bored with the old-style and interior decor, and you just want something fresh and new, you might not have to make such a drastic change. Consider installing plantation shutters over your windows instead.

What plantation shutters offer.

Any type of interior wood shutters offers a distinctive and contemporary style of window treatment that can enhance the appearance of the entire room. With the right shutters installed properly, they will appear as though they were part of the windows from the beginning.

Speak to any professional and experienced interior designer and you will understand how important it is to focus on window treatments when determining the layout and decor of the rooms in the house.

The window treatments can be blinds, curtains, drapery, and even shutters. If you’ve never had any direct experience with plantation shutters, these are interior wood shutters that have relatively wide slats to provide elegance and style for just about any room in the house. For a living room, a plantation shutter can make the room look and feel more refined and even spacious.

Plantation shutters are also commonly referred to as California shutters, even though they are essentially the same thing. The difference in name only has to do with the shift from the southern portion of the United States in the early 19th century to protecting homes from the Southern California sun during the gold rush years in the mid-19th century.

Plantation shutters in your living room can allow you an incredible amount of light and air control. You can also protect your privacy by using split top shutters where you can open the top half to allow light in or fresh air in the evening and still maintain your privacy.

If you never thought about plantation shutters for your home, visit Canada Custom Shutters to see the wide selection of different styles shutters you could choose from. You can also see how these shutters could completely transform the look and feel of your living room, thus showing you that it’s not necessary to replace your furniture completely.

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