Best Exterior Shutters – Fall Trends

Exterior Shutters

At Canada Custom Shutters, we keep up with current trends and ensure our clients have up to date information always! Our priority is to make sure your home looks its best!  First impressions are everything, and with Canada Custom Shutters, your exterior shutters are sure to impress! The exterior of a home is the first impression and shutters play a crucial role in making or breaking that first impression! Let our experts help you in selecting the style, look and color that will best suit your home!

This fall/winter, lighting, simplicity and design are the central focal point in exterior home decor!


“Simplicity is a Virtue” Try using simple shutters for a pure, uncluttered effect to allow other beautiful features on the outside of your home to shine.  It is in line with minimalism, where you incorporate clean, refreshing looks, while adding a nice touch to the overall decor.

To follow this trend, use shutters with sharp lines, minimal details and neutral colors.  How about a flat panel shutter, and/or a shutter with one large single panel, or even a board and batten style with no battens (horizontal pieces)? With Canada Custom Shutters, the options are endless as all of our shutters are custom made!

 Lighten up!

Color plays a big role in the overall appearance of your home and while exterior shutters are typically dark colored, we’ve seen an rise in lighter colored shutters.  This works especially well when trying to modernize the look of an older building or homes with historical value. For restoration purposes, light colored walls with dark shutters is a popular trend! At Canada Custom Shutters, we can match any stain/color you desire! All of our shutters are custom made and manufactured in house! 

Stick with the basics!

Exterior shutters should never overpower the look of your house and not all homes lend itself to the exotic.  There’s nothing wrong with some traditional Raised Panel style shutters or even Louvered shutters to give a traditional, formal house a neat and tidy look.  Board and Batten shutters works well on a house with a mix of exterior surfaces (brick and stone, or siding and shingles).  For Raised Panel style shutters, make sure the panels mimic the windows, for Louvers you can try a wider slat, and with Board and Batten shutters we see a trend to use more, but narrower Boards (vertical pieces). Feel free to consult with any one of our reps and book a free in-home consultation! 

Decor, decor, decor!

Having decorative exteriors shutters can perfect the look of your home! If you’re looking for the authentic look but want them to be as maintenance free as possible, decorative shutters are for you! With the proper size, placement and hardware, they are sure to stand out! If you simply want to add curb appeal and accentuate your windows, direct mount shutters are an excellent option as well. Ask any of our Canada Custom Shutters experts and they will be happy to help!

 Add flair and personality!

Another subtle way of giving you home a one-of-a-kind appearance is to add custom cut-outs to your shutters.  Let your home’s personality shine with just about any shape you can imagine, from stars and crescent moons to palm trees and hearts.  Go bold and traditional with a full cut-out, or subtle and interesting with only a small relief cut on the outside corner.  *This only works on paneled or Board and Batten style shutters.

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