The Different Parts of Quality Shutters You Should Know

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When shopping for shutters for your Toronto home, the more you know about the various parts, the easier it will be for you to find the perfect complement for your house, your family, and your budget.

Below is a list and brief explanation of the various parts of quality shutters. Once you know what these are, you should then be able to refine your focus to those shutters that have the best quality components and materials (such as natural wood).


This is the exterior portion of the shutter. As with a picture frame, it will extend around the outside of the entire shutter, creating a barrier that keeps the entire thing together.


This is a portion of the shutter than extends along the side, up against the vertical portion of the frame. The slats connect to the stile.

Top rail

The top rail is essentially very similar to the bottom rail and middle rail. These are horizontal rails that support the slats on the top.

Bottom and middle rails

Essentially the same as the top rail, the middle and bottom rails provide support for the slats. They also run horizontally, or parallel to the slats.


These are the parts of a shutter that most people are familiar with. The slats are what turn out or in to ‘open’ or ‘close’ the shutter. They are controlled by the push rod.

Push Rod

This is the rod that runs down the center of the shutter and controls the slats. You can choose from a variety of styles of push rods as well as how they are affixed, but try to avoid the hook style connections as these are loose and can wear out over time.


This isn’t referring to a problem that you’re going to need to call an exterminator about. This is where the push rod’s end sits when the shutter is closed. It allows the shutters to be completely sealed when closed.

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