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If you are interested in interior shutters, Canada Custom Shutters is more than available to come to your home and take measurements for you. However, it’s a relatively simple measurement that you can do yourself as well. The following instructions should provide the necessary information for you to make an accurate measurement for your shutters.

Inside Mounted Shutters

Most shutters are mounted on the inside of the window frame and are therefore referred to as inside mounts. For this, measure between the side window jambs (or casing) for the width of the shutters. Next, measure from the top jamb (or casing) to the window sill or floor, depending on what type of window you have.

Measuring the Available Depth

To determine if your windows are deep enough for the style of shutters you want, measure the depth from the outside edge of the window jambs, not including any moldings, to the window frame itself. You may need a depth of up to 3-1/2” for California shutters, for example, or as little as 1-1/2” for smaller shutters.

What if Your Chosen Shutters Won’t Fit on an Inside Mount?

If your shutters will need to be attached with an outside mount, there will need to be a separate piece of wood that will need to be affixed directly to wall studs. For this, an in-home consultation will be needed to determine the proper shutter size for your windows.

For any windows that are not square, special mounting will be needed which will require more in-depth measurements. Allow Canada Custom Shutters to provide those measurements for you to ensure that your new shutters will fit perfectly.

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