Hurricane Shutters Can Protect Your Home During Winter

Exterior Shutters

As the cold of winter quickly approaches, you’ve at least begun the process of preparing your home – caulked your windows, weather stripped the doors, cut back the trees, checked your pipes and wrapped any problem areas. But there is something else you can do to protect your home during the winter’s ice and snow storms that you probably haven’t through of: install storm / hurricane shutters. How can exterior shutters protect your home during winter storms?

Shutters can actually do a lot to help you and your home weather the tough Canadian winter. First, they reduce heat loss inside your home by acting as an additional barrier against the outside cold. This also makes them an added layer of protection against heat loss. You lose more heat through cracks around windows and doors – no matter how well you caulk and insulate – than in any other part of your home. Hurricane shutters reduce this loss, keep your home warmer, and protect you against the freezing weather. If the power goes out during a storm, storm shutters help keep the heat trapped in your home for longer, keeping you warm until the storm subsides and the power comes back on.

Shutters are excellent protection for your windows from ice and hail, debris thrown around by strong winter storms, and from falling tree branches. They are called hurricane shutters but storm shutters is a more appropriate term during the winter. One of the worst things that can happen during a winter storm is having a projectile come through your window. Can you imagine the wind howling through your house, along with all that snow and ice? Getting a repair done during a storm is nearly impossible so protection is important.

This type of shutter can also save you money on your homeowners insurance. Many insurance companies will give you a break on your policy if you install them on your windows. They make your home much more secure, reducing the risk of damage during winter storms, and so insurance companies have a lower risk of payout. This leads to savings for you. Check with your insurance company to see how much your payment will go down if you add shutters to your home.

If you have had storm damage in the past or live in a particularly prone area, hurricane shutters are smart additions for your home. You can leave them open when you don’t need them so they add beauty to your exterior and close them when the weather gets back to protect your investment.

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