Managing Light and Privacy with Interior Shutters:

Interior Shutters

Tips for the New Shutter Owner

You’ve just had your brand-new interior wood shutters installed. Looking around the house you probably have a smile on your face and a feeling of contentment. For years you may have been dealing with drapes, blinds, and other window treatments that just didn’t satisfy, didn’t look good, and were frustrating to use.

Now that you have brand new interior wood shutters, it’s time to talk about the best ways to not only control light that comes into your home, but also privacy.

Depending on the type of shutters you purchased, you may have split shutters or single solid units over each window. If you have a single unit, meaning each shutter slat for the entire shutter are connected to the rod, this can make controlling light and privacy a bit more challenging.

If you have shutters that can be controlled separately on the top half from the bottom half, this can make it much more convenient at managing privacy and light together.

Controlling light getting into your home.

The first thing we’ll focus on is light control. No matter what type of shutters you have, you can open them and allow the direct sunlight to pour into your house. This can help warm your home up during the winter, but it can also lead to fading of the carpeting, wood, and other furniture items.

If you want to protect your furniture and other items, turn the shutters so that the bottom portion of the slats are angled up higher than the top portion. This will allow light into the home, but it will block direct sunlight from hitting the floor and furniture items.

Controlling privacy.

If you want to control privacy, you can turn the shutter slats almost upside down (inverted). This will allow some light to get into the home, but will keep people from being able to see into the room you’re in.

If you have split shutters, you can open the top half and leave the bottom half closed. Usually the top half will only expose the upper portion of any particular room. This can make it easy and convenient for you to be comfortable and secure within your home, especially during the evening hours in the spring and summer months when you want to allow fresh air moving throughout the house, but still want to maintain your privacy from the neighbors.

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