Risks vs. Benefits of Installing Shutters Yourself

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In today’s economy, it is tempting to try to do as many things around your house yourself. While you may be experienced with various home improvement projects, installing interior or exterior shutters may not be something that you should take on lightly.

There are several myths and misconceptions about installing shutters that far too many Toronto area homeowners have. The most common is they believe that installing shutters is simple. This is not true. While the basic concept of installing the shutters is relatively basic, it is absolutely essential that precision is adhered to.

If you don’t install the shutters with the utmost precision, then they will not look as ideal within the window frame or against the window itself as they could or should.

If you are talking about plantation shutters, it is even more important to have them installed precisely. Now let’s talk about the risks versus the benefits of installing shutters yourself.


The main benefit that most people find when they install interior shutters themselves is that they don’t have to pay for an installer to come out to their home to do this for them.

That is essentially the only benefit that you are going to get, but keep in mind that if you don’t install them accurately, you may find that certain functions don’t work properly, that they just don’t look right in the window frame (crooked), or you will have to take them down and call a professional installer, anyway.


There are several risks with regard to installing interior wood shutters on your own. First and foremost is that you could end up damaging the shutter while you are trying to install it.

Most shutters have some small, sensitive parts that could become damaged during the installation process, especially if you don’t have a great deal of experience installing shutters.

The other main risk has been noted already, and that is the fact that if they are not installed properly, the just will not look quite right in the window. In fact, a shutter that is installed crooked might not open or close properly. It might also be an eyesore to the point where you replace your old drapery just to cover it up.

When you purchase shutters from an experienced shutter company, such as Canada Custom Shutters, the minor investment in having them professionally installed in your home is well worth it considering the various risks involved in doing it yourself.

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