Simple Repair Tips for Exterior Shutters that Have Come Off

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If you have exterior shutters on your Toronto home that have come loose lately or come off, especially during this past winter, there are a few simple repair tips to keep in mind. Depending on the type of exterior shutters you have in your home, it may very well be an opportunity to completely strip them down, repaint them, and place almost new looking shutters back up come the nice spring, warm weather.

Evaluate the condition of the shutter.

If one shutter has come loose or broken off, take it inside and determine what kind of condition it is in. If it is in relatively poor condition, it’s a safe bet that the other shutters on your home are also in bad condition.

If it’s a vinyl shutter, it may very well be time to consider natural wood shutters. Vinyl shutters don’t offer the same quality craftsmanship that natural wood shutters offer, and even though they may be fixed and nonfunctional, those natural wood shutters will offer your home an incredible benefit for curb appeal and value.

If the condition of the shutters are decent, and they are wood, you can take this opportunity to completely sand them down, repaint them, and then install what appears to be almost new shutters.

When it comes to basic repair, you may need to replace hardware that has ripped from the house. If the hardware on the shutter itself appears intact, check the hardware on the house. You may need to slightly reposition the shutters or the hardware on the shutters if brackets or screw threads have stripped out on the house itself.

If the shutter appears to have separated slightly in a certain area, apply a small bead of glue and try to affix the shutter in place. If the frame doesn’t move, using a rubber mallet, it may be time to try taking apart the shutter and rebuilding it from scratch. That would require sanding down glue points and repairing any potential damage that occurred as a result of the outside elements, and in that case it may be more cost-effective to consider replacing them with new shutters.

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