Stripping Down and Repainting Old Shutters Will be Time Consuming, but It’s Worth It

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You purchased your Toronto area home a few years ago. You’ve invested a significant amount of money in it and have been steadily working to improve the condition of just about the entire house itself. This could include exterior work, yard work, renovating the kitchen, remodeling the bathroom, and much more.

If you’ve reached a point where you’re trying to determine whether to strip down and repaint old wood shutters (whether they are in the inside or outside of the house) you may be leaning toward replacing them.

You might be thinking that replacing those wood shutters with less expensive vinyl shutters would be a reasonable solution. In truth, vinyl shutters may look okay in manuals, catalogs, pictures, or even on the showroom floor, but once they are installed on your house and you get a close-up look at them you’ll notice a significant difference between those and natural wood shutters.

Stripping down and repainting old shutters can seem like a tremendous investment of time and effort. However, depending on the wood used and the quality of the shutters, it could very well be worth the effort.

If the shutters are extremely old but appear to be in generally good condition (no warping, cracking of the wood, or other major problems,), it’s worth taking the time to sand them down and repaint them. If you’re going to do this, though, be sure to take your time and remove all of the old paint from those shutters.

There are a number of chemicals and solutions that can help strip paint more easily. You can apply this solution to the shutters, wait the specified amount of time, and then begin to scrape off the paint from them. Once that’s done, a light sanding should be more than enough to bring them back to almost new condition. Then, once you repaint them and reinstall them on the house, you will be able to step back and be proud of your workmanship.

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