The History of Exterior Shutters and Why Today’s Still Matter

Exterior Shutters

It used to be that exterior shutters were incredibly important for security of homes. Today it’s easy to take this part of a home for granted. Exterior shutters are, for the most part, not functional but they can do a great deal to improve curb appeal.

Window shutters are complex in their own right and if exterior shutters are not hung properly, they could affect not only the way they look but also the entire curb appeal of the home.

Exterior shutters were most commonly used as a way to secure the home or building, to add privacy, and to also improve insulation during winter weather. The shutters could also block out the sun which helped keep a home from heating up too much in warmer climates. Louvered shutters were developed over time that allowed outside air to filter into the home while also blocking out the sun on those hot summer days.

Earliest shutters were used in place of glass windows as most homes didn’t have glass until only a few centuries ago. Most of these exterior shutters were either single board or board and batten shutters (which are basically vertical slat shutters). Fixed louvered shutters began to increase in popularity in the second part of the 18th century.

Why do exterior shutters matter today?

If you drive around Toronto or any of the surrounding areas, pay attention to the way homes look, both those that have exterior shutters and those that don’t have anything surrounding the windows. Most often you will notice the houses that have some type of exterior shutter will present a more fixed and finished look as opposed to those that do not.

Consider the molding that exist throughout the interior portion of your home. What would it look like without that molding there? Most people would agree that it wouldn’t appear finished off.

The type of shutters you have installed on the outside of your house will depend on your personal preferences, the style of home you have, and what look you’re aiming for. The best advice would to be to find an experienced expert who knows all about shutters to help you go through all of your options. That experienced company would be Canada Custom Shutters.

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