Tips for Reusing Old Window Shutters in Your Toronto Home

Exterior Shutters

Getting brand new interior or exterior shutters for your Toronto home is a great investment. If you have existing shutters that you’re going to replace, you may be tempted to just throw them away or have the installation professional take them away when he or she leaves, but there are actually a number of creative things you can do with those old, worn out shutters.

Here are just a few ideas that could inspire you to recycle those old shutters and create something interesting.

A Shelf

One of the easiest things to make with old shutters is a shelf. This is a project that almost any homeowner with even the slightest bit of construction experience can do.

Take two shutters, affix them at a 90° angle, and then attach 90° brackets underneath. Place them along a wall, using wall anchors (into open drywall) or straight screws to attach them to wall studs.

Fireplace screen

Now, don’t make a mistake: wood or vinyl shutters should never be used when a fireplace is on. This idea is only to cover an open fireplace when not in use. Using these old shutters when the fireplace is going could lead to a fire inside your home.

Connect three shutters, cut down to the right height, using hinges. This creates a screen that can hide an unsightly mess in the fireplace between uses. Paint it grey or faded red, like brick, to allow it to blend well.

Room Divider

If you have several taller shutters, especially from the exterior of your home, you could connect three or more to create a room divider. This won’t block noise from one room to the next, but it can provide privacy to whomever is using that portion of the room.

You can place the slats angling up or down, depending on the level of concealment or privacy you wish to generate with them.


Old shutters can be used to make a birdhouse. The natural slats can allow birds to fly in and out of this house. You may want to use solid lumber for the sides and only have the slats on the front and back. You can add different levels inside that different bird families may be able to use.

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