Wood vs. Polyvinyl Shutters: The Grudge Match

Interior Shutters

Deciding on certain materials can be important, depending on the product that you are shopping for. When you are looking at interior shutters for your Toronto home, you will be met with a number of options.

The most significant choice that you will have to make from the start is whether you want natural wood shutters or polyvinyl. Many people believe that polyvinyl is a much better option because they will last longer and be more durable than natural wood, especially when it comes to interior shutters.

This is a fallacy and that has been perpetuated by far too many people who compare wood shutters to other wood-based products, such as furniture. The main issue that people have with regard to interior shutters is that they will be placed over windows and that will expose them to direct sunlight throughout much of the year.

Even during the winter months in Toronto, southern, eastern, and western facing windows will be exposed to direct sunlight throughout the season whenever the sky is clear. That can fade objects over time. As a result, many people believe that polyvinyl shutters will hold up much better against the constant exposure to natural sunlight.

In truth, just because polyvinyl won’t fade as a result of the color that has worked throughout the material, that doesn’t make it a better shutter for the interior of your home.

Well-built wood shutters can last just as long as any polyvinyl shutter that you find on the market. In fact, research has shown that polyvinyl shutters can fade, warp, and have the same type of issues that some wood materials can have over an extended period of time.

The major difference between wood in polyvinyl is that, over time, you may realize that it is time to have the shutters reconditioned and that is simply not realistic with polyvinyl shutters. You may also discover after few years that you want to change the color of your shutters. You can certainly paint over polyvinyl shutters, but it won’t look the same as refinishing and painting natural wood shutters.

Ultimately, when it comes down to it, there really is no comparison between wood and polyvinyl shutters. If you want the best for your Toronto home, choose natural wood interior shutters.

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