5 Tips for Purchasing the Perfect Shutters for Your Toronto Home

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The moment that you decide to purchase interior shutters for your Toronto home, you’re going to end up with a lot of questions. There are some things you should certainly look at and consider in order to ensure that they are perfect for your home.

The only true way to get perfect shutters is to take the time to make sure that they are exactly what you need and that they have the functionality that you are looking for.

Here are 5 tips to help you find and purchase those perfect shutters for your Toronto home.

1. Consider the louver size. Shutters generally come in a wide range of sizes, not just the overall size but also the louvers. You may be more familiar with the thinner, narrower louver slats, but plantation shutters (wider louvers) can provide an interesting appearance to any room in your home.

Larger windows or rooms should do best with larger louvers. The narrower louvers are more ideal for smaller windows.

2. Natural or painted. Depending on the interior colors of your home, you may find the natural wood finish to complement your windows better than painted shutters. If you have hardwood floors and a lot of natural wood furniture, then this would be your safer bet.

However, you can paint shutters any color you want (assuming you choose wood shutters).

3. Horizontal or vertical. You will be able to choose between the more traditional horizontal slatted shutters and vertical shutters. Either one is going to offer you the control over light and privacy that you want, but you may prefer vertical slats to more traditional horizontal ones.

The way sunlight will enter your home will differ, so it’s an important consideration to make.

4. Construction material. The most common materials used in shutter construction today are wood and vinyl, though you may find some other materials.

More homeowners throughout Toronto agree that natural wood shutters are simply better looking than anything else for the interior of your home. They will generally cost more than vinyl, but the expense is well worth the investment.

5. The tilt bar. You may be given an option for the tilt bar on your new shutters. Choose the long staples option rather than the long metal vein slotted through the length of the bar with hooks. The latter is loose and not well refined. The former option is more solid and simply looks and feels better.

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