Louvered Doors: the Ingenious Space Saver

Louvered Doors

Many homeowners move into their new houses and think that they have an unlimited amount of space. Especially if they are coming from a small apartment or smaller house, something larger will almost invariably appear as though you’re never going to fill all that space up. Then one day you stop and look around and realize that you just don’t have the kind of space you thought you did.

Louvered doors can help with that situation. Louvered doors are lightweight shutter-style doors and they can do a lot to help create more storage space in a variety of situations.

If you have a room that you plan to -or have- split into two purposes, such as a den and office area together, it can be difficult to separate the two spaces. You may consider building a wall between the two, but that type of home renovation is too much to take on.

Using a series of louvered doors, sort of in the style of a screen, this can isolate one section of the room, providing a bit of privacy but also creating the illusion of having more rooms and space.

You may also have a lot of items or boxes that you don’t want to store in the damp basement. These might be stacked along the wall in one of the bedrooms. Using louvered doors can close these in and create a makeshift closet area. Suddenly you’re not having to stare at all of those boxes any longer and that can be a positive benefit.

You can even use wood shutters to create closet space where you have cubbies or other open shelf systems installed in the walls. By using shutters, you end up hiding what’s being stored inside, which is ideal for things that are not visually appealing.

There are so many things that you can do with louvered doors and wood shutters that can take a simple storage issue or room dilemma and convert it into comfortable working or living space.

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