Why Buy Louvered Doors?

Louvered Doors

Creating your ideal interior space depends on many different elements coming together to form a uniform style. All too often we forfeit function for form and end up with an aesthetically pleasing interior space that isn’t as usable as it should be. However, it is possible to style and design these areas in such a manner that they look stunning without losing their functionality. It can be avoided with proper planning and purchase decisions.

In just about any space louvered doors are a perfect fit. One of the toughest aspects of designing a space is keeping it open and maintaining a natural flow. With louvered doors you have fewer barriers to worry about. These doors were typically only seen in bi-fold styled closet shutters, but are now being used in numerous other applications because they lend so much to a room.

One of the best reasons to use these doors is the remarkable improvement in ventilation they provide. Another is that they work as accent pieces in their own right. They are much more than a door; here is more of what sets them apart:

They are perfect for small or cramped spaces. The louvers can be either movable or fixed and they can be mounted on existing doorframes as well as in sliding frames. Similar to other bi-folding doors, these louvered doors are easy to operate. It is possible to use them in very scrunched-up spaces because they won’t block the traffic.

Airflow and good ventilation are important in every home. By virtue of their design, these vented or slatted doors provide excellent airflow, no matter where they are fitted. They could be covering a large closet or be an entry to a bathroom. The one outstanding point about these doors is that they allow the flow of cool and warm air between rooms even when they are shut. They are excellent as closet shutters and the air inside never gets stale. Your clothes, linen and toiletry will always smell fresh and new.

You get all of these benefits plus as much privacy as you need. The angular placement of the louvers gives you with the privacy you need without hampering the airflow into and out of the room. In addition to this they are visually appealing and can be as formal or informal as you want them to be. Broader slats will add a very casual look while the slimmer ones look more elegant and formal.

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