The Benefits of Interior Sliding Doors

Louvered Doors

Sliding doors and pocket doors are similar but not the same thing. Pocket doors slide into the wall to be completely hidden while sliding doors simply slide across each other and are typically seen on bedroom closets. There are many other places sliding doors can be used to have an impact in your home.
Interior sliding doors offer more open space than traditional doors and are convenient at the same time. Sliding doors come in different types and designs. They can be customized to match any manner of interior design.

Types and Designs of Sliding Doors

You can have your sliding doors custom made or you can choose from pre-made models. Here are some of the options you can consider for your door design:

Louvered sliding doors are by far the most popular. They are made of wood and provide warmth, privacy, and air circulation throughout your home. They are made from various woods like beach wood, walnut, cherry, and traditional oak.

Sliding glass doors are traditionally used for patios and they give your home a stylish and inviting look. They come in different colors and designs that positively complement your room. The glass can be plain and simple or etched with a design. These doors are mostly transparent with shades of white and cool blue. They are glazed and treated for added UV protection.

Mirror sliding doors are making a small comeback. The reason for this resurgences is mainly for the perceived space they add to a room. They are handy as closet doors as they also serve as a full-length mirror when getting ready for work.

Sliding screen doors, much like glass doors, are usually reserved for the patio. They are wonderful in the summer as they allow cool breezes to filter in while keeping bugs and some heat out. They are durable but should be taken down and stored before the onset of winter.

Benefits of Sliding Doors

– Sliding doors create the illusion of more space, which in turn opens up your room and adds to your comfort.
– They are contemporary and provide function as well as form.
– They are generally easy to clean.
– High quality door tracks mean quiet opening and closing.

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