Using Louvered Doors as Room Dividers

Louvered Doors

There are many reasons why someone might want to take a larger room and section off some space. You may have a large second or third bedroom that isn’t needed for sleep and want to create a combination office and entertainment center. Or you may find that you have enough room to have an office in part of your bedroom, but you don’t want to see the office from your bed.

No matter what kind of room you have or what you’re planning to do with a portion of it, using a room divider is an affordable option to help you create new spaces within them.

Louvered doors provide you with a great opportunity to build the ideal room space that you want without having to incur the expense of building a separate, permanent wall.

How to Use Louvered Doors are Room Dividers

While louvered doors are not going to reach from the floor to the ceiling, that means you will need to secure them in a safe and effective manner. You could attach a bracket or buttress to the ceiling to which you connect the louvered doors, but this ends up being a more permanent solution.

You could also use the louvered doors as a screen. Use hinges on a series of louvered doors (such as 3 or more) and then place those louvered doors along the portion of the room that you want to divide, angled so that the doors stand upright on their own.

You could also connect a series of louvered doors end to end with a 90-degree angle, creating a portioned wall that will stand upright on its own.

Remember that louvered doors will offer some privacy, but they’re not designed to create a completely isolated room.

If the idea of partitioning off a room using louvered doors appeals to you, contact Canada Custom Shutters to see some more brilliant ideas that can have your room looking like a new living space.

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