Three Great Ideas for Louvered Doors

Louvered Doors

If you have old louvered doors that you’re replacing or that you’ve discovered hiding in the basement, tucked behind some boxes, and you’re wondering if there’s anything you could do to reuse them, there are. In fact, there are tons of ideas that you could rely on that would completely transform those louvered doors and, in the process, improve your living space.

Below are three ideas that just about any homeowner who is handy with some tools and paint can do with louvered doors.

1. The DIY kitchen organizer. If you have a kitchen that is tight on space and you’re long on cooking ideas, make things a bit easier to work around by hanging some of your commonly used utensils on louvered doors. The slats within these doors make it easy and convenient to hang various items.

You could rely on standard plastic hooks that you might use to hang clothing on your bedroom door, for example, or simply ‘S’ hooks to hang your spatula, measuring spoons, hand towel, grater, tongs, and much more.

2. Magazine rack. If you’re like many other Toronto residents, then you have a number of magazines that come to your home. Usually you might keep them in a magazine rack next to your recliner or under the coffee table in the living room.

Over time, they become clutter. It becomes difficult to determine what you have there, so then you don’t read them any longer, even the ones you enjoy most. Using the slats on louvered doors as dividers, you can have a wall-mounted magazine rack.

3. Hang Pictures and frames. Using a series of louvered doors, you could hang these on a wall, painting them in a rustic color or style, and then use the slats as a way to easily and conveniently hang picture frames. You wouldn’t even need to use any other picture hanging hardware if you had frames with the extendable arms designed to prop them up on a table, shelf, or mantle.

These are just a couple of great ideas that you could use to repurpose louvered doors.

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