Choosing the Right Room Divider for Your Space

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Room dividers have been growing in popularity with interior designers for the past decade or so. They add functionality along with an antique-type flare to your space. The overall design of dividers has not changed much; they are simple, graceful, and effective pieces of décor. No matter your decor or home-style you will find no difficulty in finding a room divider that will flow.

There are two main functions of a room divider or screen: to give a space separation and enhance its aesthetic appeal. If you have a dark and rather small space benefit from a brightly colored room divider screen in a corner. With limited space you may not have the ability to hang much or paint the walls (this is usually the case with rentals) but you can put a screen anywhere. A pale screen with a nice design in a dark bedroom is the perfect way to brighten it up and also to give you a little bit more in the way of privacy when you need to dress.

If you have a large, open, sunny space you want to base your divider choose on your décor. You can choose pretty much any color or pattern that will complement or contrast your current style. When you have this open-ended of an option you might consider looking an antique screen or investing in a custom design. These pieces are beautiful and finding or creating a unique one can be fun and rewarding.

A divider is a wonderful addition for your home office or a shared bedroom as well. In many households, Mom and Dad share an office and kids share a bedroom. Even if space isn’t an issue, everyone values privacy. Adding a screen to these rooms will give them separation without closing them off.

For smaller rooms, we recommend taking a look at our Shoji Screen line. The Japanese designs are pale in color, which will add the illusion of more space, and the simplicity will not overwhelm the room. These screen also make wonderful wall art and are easy to hang on any wall.

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