What Are Shoji Screens?

Shoji Screens

A shoji screen is a freestanding or wall hanging indoor screen used as a decorative room partition. As the name suggests they are styled after Japanese architecture specifically the sliding wooden doors covered in translucent paper used in homes. In both Chinese and Japanese the word shoji means something to obstruct.

Even though they are more often doors in Japan, the freestanding partition used in the US is what the word originally meant. The evolution of the shoji doors is unique to Japan. The popularity of these doors and partitions is due not only to their elegant looks but also the way the shoji paper diffuses light. The texture of the paper is rough so it refracts light; this creates a soft glow out of any light. No matter the time of year, this glow creates an inviting sense of warmth in any room.

Another unique aspect of the shoji is in the construction. It is called kumiko, which translates to “woven”. The structure of a shoji requires only minimal amounts of each material used (wood and paper) but it the way it is put together gathers maximum strength from those elements. The wood pieces are inter-woven making them stronger and sturdier than they could be on their own. It is amazing how this simple pattern is used to create something that is not only beautiful but also stronger than its component parts.

The Shoji Shoji Screens you can get from Canada Custom Shutters provide both the aesthetic pleasure of the traditional screen along with endless design choices to make your shoji unique to your home and style. Call us today and one of our design representatives will gladly be able to answer your questions about Shoji Shoji Screens.

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