The Benefits of Custom Wood Exterior Shutters for Your Home

Exterior Shutters

There are generally a number of benefits that wood exterior shutters offer any homeowner. Sometimes they are subtle benefits. Other times they are more pronounced. Below are four of the key benefits that you should expect to gain by having wood exterior shutters installed on your home.

1. They improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.

In other words, wood exterior shutters look great. They are an attractive feature that you simply don’t get with plastic or vinyl, faux wood shutters. If you don’t have anything surrounding your windows, you will begin to notice an odd appearance to the house. The frame of the window is generally simplistic and can leave the entire house looking as though something is missing.

You don’t have to worry about that when you have wood exterior shutters on your home.

2. Wood exterior shutters offer great protection.

If you have functional wood shutters, then you could close them over the windows during the winter to help protect against those long, cold Canadian winters. If there is a storm brewing in the summer, they can be quite severe.

Being able to protect the glass of your windows from wind damage is a great asset.

3. You can control the amount of sunlight, and privacy, that you have in your home.

Again, this applies to functional exterior wood shutters, not the style that are merely decorative. You can close the shutters and control the slats which will provide you more or less privacy and light that enters your home. This can be practical for those who wish to keep their interior window treatments open but who don’t want to be bombarded by direct sunlight, or prying eyes, throughout the day.

4. Low maintenance. When you have exquisite exterior wood shutters, you won’t need to worry about maintenance very often. Just soap and mild water is all you’ll need to keep them clean. Even if you live in a high dust environment, you could simply hose your shutters down once a week to keep them looking and functioning properly.

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