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Plantation shutters are hugely popular amongst homeowners. Whether you’re looking to dress up an older home, help control your energy costs, or put the fishing touch on new home, these shutters will meet your form and function needs. Plantation shutters have become immensely stylish in almost every type of home setting, from regal estates to modest condominiums, adding grace and elegance out-shown only by their easy to clean functionality.

This style of shutters was developed in the 19th century and used by plantation homes to keep cold winters and hot summers at bay in the American southeast. Over the past thirty years or so this style has become one of the most popular throughout the US and Canada.

Part of their popularity is due to the fact that they work well on just about any size or shape opening. Those with odd sized windows or French and patio doors find them to be a perfect fit. Designers have long known that shutters can truly recreate rooms with an exceptional capacity to produce a wide range of appearances and moods. While they are open, plantation shutters create a spacious, light quality without encumbering even the most breath taking of views. Closed, they offer warmth, privacy and protection from summer heat.

Before deciding what shutters you want you need to determine what material is best for you. This will lead you to other decision like the type of construction and cost. Over the last decade, differing quality levels have become available from both domestic and overseas manufacturers, further driving the importance of consumer education and product knowledge. Understanding these differences can be a challenge because variation can be found in every part of shutter construction.

A major pitfall many consumers fall into is buying a lower quality material than they need to be most efficient for their windows. High quality will last longer and look better as it ages; there are no guarantees with lower quality. Making a selection even more difficult, the average consumer must often rely on the not-so-impartial advice of retailers carrying only one or two lines of shutters.

You want to deal with a company who offers several styles and price levels to make sure you have the selection you need. Working with a company who specializes in shutters is also recommended – they will know more about the products and installation so you’ll be safer in your purchase. Direct distributors often provide significantly better value and are more likely to offer unbiased information than the “big box” stores. When budget is concern, it may be wiser to consider doing fewer windows and staying with the best shutter for the job.

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