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Life is in the details, especially when it comes to your home. Sometimes the smallest changes – a new window treatment, fresh trim paint, or a set of new shutters – can completely change the look of your home. Choosing the right shutters can be a daunting task; there are many different styles available, each with its own unique qualities.

The most typical and popular style is the louvered shutter. The center of each panel is made of wood slats, which allow air and light to flow into your rooms according to how you position the slats. Many modern louver shutters are merely decorative, but they continue to have a universal appeal across architectural styles. Operable louvered shutters are also available; these shutters have louvers that really move.

Shutters made from three or four boards tied together with cross boards are board and batten style. They are tied together at the top, center, and bottom. Originally this type of shutter was used on barns to keep rain, wind, sun, and other elements out. Many farmhouses used them as well and they add a rustic touch wherever they are hung. They look fantastic paired with natural products like stone or wood.

In the tropics you will see many homes with Bahama shutters. This style is very functional in storm prone areas. The shutters are top hung and can be swung down and secured when hurricanes or other bad weather looms. They are designed to protect your windows from high winds and debris. On beautiful days, the top-hung, slatted design of Bahama shutters allows tropical breezes to blow through open windows without inviting the heat of the sun. Bahama shutters add a touch of tropical flair to any home while also protecting flooring and curtains from direct sunlight.

If you have a colonial style home, raised panel shutters could be the addition you need to make it stand out. This style came from Western Europe and was used largely in New England during the colonial days to help keep the cold out during the long northern winters. These shutters are wonderful in terms of summer energy efficiency because they completely block out light. You can keep your home cool even in direct sunlight with this style shutter.

To create an elegant Victorian feel consider using combination shutters. This style combines the louvered look with solid construction of the raised panel style. They look great with just about any style décor or home and are functional without overwhelming the room.

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