Caring for Those Exterior Window Shutters Can be Done Any Time of the Year

Exterior Shutters

When you have exterior wood shutters on your home, they are going to be exposed to an incredible amount of tough weather conditions. Not only are winters in Canada pretty brutal at times, the summers can be incredibly warm and humid as well.

These harsh weather conditions take a toll on the exterior portion of your home. You may find it necessary to pressure wash your house on an annual basis to keep moss, dirt, and other foreign contaminants from being etched into the surface of the siding, paint, or other surfaces.

Whether you have vinyl or wood exterior shutters on your home, they will also require some bit of maintenance from time to time. Many people tend to wait until the warmer spring and summer weather to inspect and maintain their exterior shutters, but it can be done anytime of the year.

Winter and even early spring is a great time to consider caring for your exterior shutters. As long as you can safely access those shutters with a latter, can get them down from the house, then you can do a significant amount of work during the time of year when you may be doing less around your house and yard.

Wood shutters should be sanded down and repainted every so often. You can use certain chemical solutions to help strip the old paint away that will make it much easier to sand them down and refinish them. This can help restore your shutters to almost new condition.

Unfortunately, you can’t do this with vinyl shutters. If some of the slats on your wood shutters have become warped or damaged beyond repair, you could replace them with new slats. Again, this cannot be done with vinyl shutters.

If you are planning on working on your home’s exterior shutters this summer, why wait? Right now is a great time to take care of them.

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