Exterior Window Shutters – Selecting the Right Wood

Exterior Shutters

All shutters from Canada Custom Shutters are available in a variety of materials. You have your choice in order to match the look you want, cost you’re aiming for, durability you need, and the design you desire. Here is a breakdown of the typical materials used and the pros and cons of each:


You will find plastic shutters in big retail outlets like Home Depot. These shutters are lightweight, easy to install, and do not suffer much from bad weather. While those are all good things, these shutters also provide optimal housing for wasps, bees, and spiders because they hide large hollow spaces behind their facades.


Composite shutters offer some of the benefits of plastic while more closely resembling real wood. Most designs eliminate the large, hidden hollow spaces while retaining the advantages of pre-colored finishes and easy care. Installation of these shutters is more difficult and prices are higher.


If you are truly investing in your home, then wood shutters are your best option. Wooden shutters have a long and proud history. Craftsmen used wood because it was readily available and did the job. Whether their shutters had to stop invaders or storms, wood was the answer. Traditionalists will accept nothing less. Wood shutters cost more, and require more maintenance, but they endure and look absolutely beautiful.

We can now break this down even further and get into the types of wood and their benefits:


Pine is a great choice when you are on a budget. It is abundant and therefore reasonably priced. It is not as weather resistant as other woods.


Another budget wood, cedar, is light but more durable than pine.


Cypress is more solid and tough than the lighter woods. It can also sometimes be in short supply, making it generally more expensive.


This is one of the best woods to use for any type of construction. It will withstand the test of time and weather and look fantastic for decades. Redwood resists mold, insects, water, and wind. It’s rock solid and priced at the top of the market, an can sometimes be in very short supply.

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