Going Green with Exterior Shutters for Your Toronto Home

Exterior Shutters



If you’re one of the millions of Canadian homeowners who focus on doing the right thing for their community as well as the environment, you may be assuming that exterior shutters -either replacing them or getting new ones for your home- is not the best thing to do.

There are certain materials as well as paints that are considered harmful for the environment and some inexpensive exterior shutters may be manufactured with these materials. If you like the idea of having exterior shutters on your Toronto area home, but want to do what’s right for the environment at the same time, you can certainly go green quite easily.

Choosing recycled shutters.

You may be able to find old shutters that people are getting rid of, especially wood ones that can be sanded down and repainted with an environmentally friendly paint. You can find paneled shutters, louvered shutters, and even fully functional shutters that are quite old and in somewhat decent condition.

Choosing natural wood shutters.

Vinyl shutters are not considered environmentally friendly, mostly because of the materials used in their construction as well as the process to make them. When you choose natural wood shutters for the exterior portion of your house, you will be using a hardwood that is fully replaceable and, if you look deep enough into the history of the wood itself, you’ll probably realize that they come from farms that plant new trees to replace the old ones.

The best advantage of wood shutters for your home is not just that they will look great and add incredible curb appeal for your home, but that they will last for generations if taken care of on a regular basis. Keeping them in good condition, protecting them from the elements, and even sanding down and repainting them every so often will help to maximize longevity of those shutters.

Depending on the color of your house, you may even consider painting them green, too. Really go ‘green’ with your new exterior shutters!





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