Are Wood Shutters a Good Idea for the Outside of the Home?

Exterior Shutters

When you are deciding to install shutters on the outside of your home, you will be faced with one significant decision first. That is – what kind of shutter you want to install.

There are two main types of shutters you can choose from for the exterior of your Toronto home. The first one is vinyl. The second is natural wood shutters. There are some benefits to each, so you need to weigh your options carefully before making a decision.

Vinyl Exterior Shutters

The first option is generally going to be vinyl shutters for the exterior of your home. This is due to their inexpensive nature. Vinyl shutters are significantly less expensive than natural wood or custom-made shutters.

A common misconception that many homeowners have regarding vinyl shutters is that they will last longer in the weather elements than wood shutters will. While it is true that plastic and other artificial materials generally last longer than soft woods, this doesn’t mean that vinyl exterior shutters will outlast wood ones.

In reality, wood shutters last longer than vinyl shutters on the exterior of a home. Thanks to the harsh winter conditions that we see in Toronto, wood shutters are a better option.

Natural Wood Shutters

Not only will natural wood shutters last longer than traditional vinyl shutters, they also have a more elegant and refined look when affixed to your home. From a distance, any type of shutter will offer a similar result that most homeowners are looking for. However, once you get up close, the difference between natural wood shutters and vinyl shutters becomes apparent.

One of the most significant advantages to having wood shutters on the exterior of your home is that through proper maintenance, they can last and look amazing for generations to come.

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