Inside Mount vs. L-Frame Mount Shutters

Interior Shutters

When installing interior wood shutters in your home, there are generally a couple of mounting options. These are the inside mount and L-frame mounts. There are some subtle, yet key differences between the two mounting options and that’s why it’s a good idea to understand them both before you make a decision on which one to choose for your new interior shutters.

The L-Frame Mount

If you are installing these interior shutters and you’re not planning to have them be functional, meaning you won’t be opening and closing them, then the L-frame mount would be the ideal option.

You would also likely choose this mounting option if you were planning to affix the shutters close to a corner.

Before you choose this mounting option, you want to be sure that you don’t want your shutters to be able to swing open or closed. This could be ideal for certain windows that you don’t want to open or have access to, or for parts of the house that you would only want to rely on the slats to gain access to.

Most window shutters on the interior of a house are designed to be opened and closed. Even if you don’t plan on opening and closing your window shutters, if you choose the inside mount option, you’ll at least have that option.

With the L-frame mount, you don’t have that option any longer.

The Inside Mount

If your windows have a deep inset position from the walls, then you might want to consider an inside mount option. This will allow you to mount the shutters along the interior part of the window frame and that can be ideal if you also have curtains for your windows.

You also have a few other mounting options and each depend on a number of factors, including the framing of the wall and how well the walls where the mounts would be affixed can support the weight of the shutters.

When you order your shutters, it’s a good idea to think about the type of mounts you want as that can impact the functionality of your interior wood shutters.

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