Interior Shutters are Safer for Toddlers and Children than Blinds

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If you have ever purchased blinds for your home and noticed the label that was affixed to the strings, then you have seen the warning that came with it. That warning refers to a choking hazard for small children. That is one reason why interior wood shutters are a far better option than blinds.

Too often, children are playing around the windows where there are blinds. These blinds are opened and closed using a set of strings. The wider the blinds are, the more strings will be used. For example, a standard double hung window blind will generally have two strings while a picture window blind with have three or more.

These strings can be loose (not tied together) but when the blinds are open, they have a tendency to get twisted around one another. This creates a potential choking problem for small children.

If a child is playing by the window and they crawl through or around the strings on blinds, the string can potentially get wrapped around their neck and if they begin to panic or fall off the couch, for example, it could cause a serious injury, or worse.

With shutters, you won’t have that problem, which is great if you have small children running around. Shutters are opened and closed using a push rod and slats. The only real risk to small children would be to their fingers. It’s true that a person could potentially get their finger pinched by the slats, but it would be a minor bruise, if that. Nothing close to the tragedy that might await parents who have blinds on their windows.

Even certain drapes can be potentially harmful to children who enjoy spending time playing around the windows.

If you want to keep your family safe while also enjoying the wonderful benefits of style and elegance, consider interior wood shutters over blinds. You will get unmatched privacy and light control on top of that as well.

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