Plantation Shutters Are Not Meant to be Opened against the Wall

Interior Shutters

When you have plantation shutters installed in your Toronto area home, you may assume that they are like any other type of interior wood shutters. The vast majority of homeowners throughout Toronto and all of Ontario generally assume that any interior shutter is meant to be opened and folded up against the wall to allow light into the home.

Plantation shutters are not like that. Because of the size of the slats, they are specifically designed to fit a specific opening over a window. They are not intended to be opened and folded to lay flat against the wall. The louvers allow full control of light and privacy, providing your home with an incredible level of comfort.

Why are plantation shutters able to be moved?

For the most part, even though plantation shutters are intended to remain fixed over the windows, they are movable along hinges to allow easy access for cleaning of not only the shutters and the slats on both sides, but also the window.

The more often that you open and fold the shutters, the more wear is going to affect the operation of the shutters. It is best to keep them in place on a consistent basis and allow the louvers, which is their main purpose, to control light and privacy.

The more that you take care of your interior wood shutters, especially plantation shutters, the more years you’re going to get out of them. Not only can shutters provide the best light and privacy control for any homeowner, they can also add value to the house itself.

If you have any questions about your brand new interior plantation shutters, or other shutters that you recently purchased, contact Canada Custom Shutters today.

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