The Right Hardware Makes the Shutters Work in Your Home

Shutter Hardware

You’ve taken the time to review the various types of interior shutters for your home. You sat down and spoke with professionals who were able to help you narrow down your choices. Now that you’ve finally decided on what shutters you want, it’s time to talk about the hardware.

The hardware for shutters will complete not only the appearance of those shutters in your home, it will also make them easier to use. When you have interior shutters that are too complicated to open and close, or lock, because of the hardware that you chose, then you have shutters that are not ideal for you.

What to Look for with Shutter Hardware

The first thing that you should look at when it comes to shutter hardware is the size. Most shutters will have size appropriate hardware, but you would likely be able to find knobs or locking mechanisms that are bulky.

If they are too large and too bulky, then it’s going to detract from the appearance of the shutter. That hardware will actually stand out instead of the shutter. The focus will be on it, rather than the nice wood.

Next, consider functionality. Not all shutters even require hardware, and some of that hardware will be strictly for show. If you aren’t going to require hardware with your interior shutters, don’t bother with them.

Finally, look at durability. Plastic hardware will fade over time and will appear plastic, especially when placed with wood shutters. Certain metals will corrode, even in your home. While we don’t have to worry a great deal about corrosion inside homes in Toronto, it does happen.

Brass is harder to keep clean than other materials. Stainless steel is relatively simple to keep clean.

If you’re not sure whether hardware should even be used for your shutters, call on the experts to help you understand their benefits and potential limitations.

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