Steps to Help Determine the Right Window Shutters for Your Home

Exterior Shutters

The moment you decide to get shutters for your home, you’ll be met with a number of decisions. Below are a few of steps that can help you decide which shutters are ideal and optimal for your particular home in the Greater Toronto Area.

Not all the steps are going to be necessary for everyone, but we included as many as possible to help you ultimately make the right decision for your home, your family, and your budget.

1. Decide between interior or exterior shutters.

There is a significant difference between interior and exterior shutters, especially in the Greater Toronto Area. Exterior shutters are more about aesthetic appearance and curb appeal than functionality. Interior shutters are designed to be used for both privacy and light control.

Interior shutters tend to be more expensive than exterior ones, but mostly because they perform a different function.

2. Wood or vinyl?

There are numerous vinyl shutters you can choose from, but more often than not they simply look fake and don’t provide the same style that natural wood shutters offer. This holds true for both interior and exterior shutters.

3. Fixed versus operational louvered shutters.

If you want to have complete control over the shutters in your home, then you want operational louvered shutters. This allows you to open and close those louvers to control light that gets into your home as well as privacy.

4. Make sure you get the right size shutters.

Measuring incorrectly can lead to the wrong size shutter for each window in your home. If you don’t know how to properly measure shutters, contact a professional to come to your home, measure every window you’re considering installing shutters on, and you’ll know that once they arrive and are installed that they are the perfect ones.

5. Shape matters.

Especially with exterior shutters, the shape makes a difference. Installing rectangular shutters on arched windows is simply not the right thing to do, but it is becoming the norm because even so-called ‘experienced’ professionals simply don’t understand how the shape of the shutter affects the appearance of the window.

If you have other questions during the early stages of your search for interior or exterior window shutters, contact Canada Custom Shutters.

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