3 Tips for Choosing the Right Hardware for Your Custom Shutters

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Choosing the right hardware for custom shutters is one of the most important aspects once you have chosen your ideal shutters. Without the right hardware, the shutters may not function the way you want, or the hardware may not last as long as you plan.

Below are three tips to help you choose the ideal hardware for your interior custom wood shutters.

Consider the weather.

Toronto is generally known as a temperate climate. The winters can be harsh, the summers see quite a bit of humidity, and spring and fall can vary. The more moisture that your home experiences, the more it will impact the hardware.

Choosing brass hardware fittings for your custom wood shutters may seem like a great idea at the time, but if you experience a lot of humidity inside your home, they will corrode and lose their luster relatively quickly.

You can certainly do things to help maintain the condition of that brass, but stainless steel may be a better option for your home.

Focus on durability.

When you are investing a significant amount of money on these interior shutters for your home, you may be looking to save some money on the hardware. Cheap hardware will not hold up as long as more durable, heavier based hardware. If the hardware breaks or becomes tough to operate, it can affect your enjoyment of those shutters.

Match all components of the shutters with the hardware.

While you may like the look of a certain hinge strap, you want to make sure that the shutter dogs and the hinge straps match. They should not only complement the style of the shutter that you’ve chosen, but they should also ensure full functionality of the shutter.

If you have questions about what hardware would suit your wood shutters best, speak to the salesperson and look at all of your available options. The hardware will complete the look, so give it the attention it deserves.

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