Caf Shutters: A Good Option?

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If you’ve never heard of caf shutters, think of them as rhyming with ‘half.’ These are shutters that cover the lower half of a particular window. Not only can they provide a blend of comfort, privacy, and natural light, some homeowners like them because they are more cost effective.

These caf shutters are the same as any other conventional shutters, such as plantation shutters. They have the same appearance and will function in the same exact way. The only difference is that they cover only one portion of the window, either the bottom (most common) or the top. Rarely would you ever see a need for a caf shutter to be placed on the upper half of the window.

What’s the appeal of caf shutters?

The main appeal for these types of shutters is that the homeowner may have some windows in the house that look out onto a decent view or where they could take advantage of the natural light from outside, but would still want to maintain control over light and privacy for the bottom half.

Most windows are tall enough where it wouldn’t matter whether you have a covering over the top half of them as you’d still have privacy. This isn’t ideal when you live in the heart of the city of Toronto and you have neighbors in the building next to you that are higher than your home.

For rural or suburban homes, though, this situation could be an ideal one.

The best option is to choose full shutters that are divided in the middle. This will give you the full aspect of privacy that you may want coupled with the ability to open just the top half while still enjoying privacy throughout the day.

If you want to learn more about caf shutters or any other type of interior shutters, contact Canada Custom Shutters today.

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