How Wood Shutters Are Made & Installed

wood shutters

The basic unit of every shutter is the panel. A panel is made up of blades (also known as louvres). The blades are held in place by the top and bottom rails and side stiles connected by a metal strip – semi-concealed tilt rod. The metal strip controls uniform movement of the blades and gives an uninterrupted view through the blades when they are open.

Custom shutters are the best choice for a beautiful and enduring shutter, because every part is measured and specially made to within a millimeter fit for each individual window, a truly detailed product. The result is an attractively proportioned shutter with good insulation and long-term value.

Wood Plantation Shutters in Livingroom

Your window will be measured and each and every piece of the your custom shutters will be cut and put together by hand. The shutters are stained or painted to specifications, depending on the requirements of the customer and the pieces are glued securely together, creating exquisite wood shutters that you will be proud to show off in your home.

Shutters are installed with fittings so they can be opened and shut easily. Depending on the way the shutter is to work, these will be one or a combination of the following:

  • Hinged
  • Sliding
  • Bi-folding
  • Tracked bifold

The quality of these fittings is very important if you want years of trouble free use. There’s no substitute for handmade craftsmanship that you get when you have wood shutters custom made to fit your home. Call Canada Custom today or fill out our on-site form for a free quote.

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